A revolutionary guide to taking control of your mental health and self-healing journey.



This ebook unpacks the role of unresolved trauma and an "unwell voice" as the cause for as much as 90% of the mental health challenges facing today’s busy, shame-filled population; providing important insights into how your core beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours were formed.


Trauma Redefined will teach you how to begin to identify and validate unprocessed wounds of the past, and guide you to starting to address and heal the internal narratives and coping strategies holding you back from embracing your true self and living a joyful, fulfilling life.


Emmy Brunner is a Personal Empowerment and Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist (MSc, BA Hons, PGDip), Hypnotherapist, Founder & CEO of The Recover Clinic, Bestselling Author of Find Your True Voice and Speaker with 20+ years experience in both the business and clinical worlds.

Her focus today is upon working with dynamic women whom she inspires and empowers to connect with who they were always meant to be through her group program, From Lost to the River.

Emmy combines evidence-based clinical insights with mindfulness and spiritually and strategically focused tactics to elevate you to your highest self and help you to manifest the life you've dreamed of.